Chesterfield County’s goals for GA session

Chesterfield is one of the largest counties by land and by population, thereby the county is always interested in how laws that come out of the Virginia General Assembly can help or hurt local government and citizens. Each year county officials build a list of issues to support or oppose at Virginia’s capitol.

This year, Chesterfield is watching and lobbing for and against a number of bills, which mostly involve funding.

The mission of the Legislative Liaison is to provide effective and timely legislative lobbying services to the Board of Supervisors and County Administration that promote Chesterfield in the achievement of its strategic goals. Mary Ann Curtin , Director, Intergovernmental Relations is charged with working with our area state Senators and Delegates to promote

Chesterfield’s objectives. The following are the goals of the county during the General Assembly session that convenes on January 8:

  • Continually Strengthen AAA bond rating, financial independence and fiscal integrity of  Chesterfield County
  • Keep land use decisions local
  • Continually strengthen local economic development competitiveness
  • Support for full funding of state’s obligations for K-12 education
  • Support efforts to increase the number of available intellectual disabilities’ waivers
  • Support efforts to equalize representation and other changes on the Richmond Metropolitan Authority (RMA)*
  • Support Crater Region efforts to add conditions for initial and renewal licenses for group homes
  • Support efforts to contain costs of workers compensation cases
  • Support efforts to require the state to pay the costs of primaries
  • Support for recommendations from the Commission on Local Governments Fiscal Impact Statement Task Force
  • Support for recommendations from the Governor’s Task Force on Local Government Mandates
  • Support efforts by Riverside Regional Jail to amend the enabling legislation to bring in line with general law the use of Sheriff’s alternates on the board*
  • Support efforts to increase state financial support for General District Court staffing*

Guiding Principles and Legislative Positions:

  • Oppose the devolution of responsibility for secondary roads from VDOT to counties
  • Oppose legislation eliminating or reducing local revenue sources, including BPOL and Machinery and Tools
  • Oppose any limitations/caps on existing cash proffer, land use and zoning authorities
  • Oppose all additional cost shifts and mandates
  • Oppose the shifting of the state share of unfunded teacher pension liabilities onto localities
  • State funding for education
  • Economic development
  • Transportation funding
  • Chesapeake Bay and storm-water requirements and costs
  • Line of Duty Act Funding
  • Constitutional Officers’ funding needs
  • State and local tax structure/tax reform
  • VRS/Unfunded long term liabilities

*Added from BOS work session


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