Thankful for Thanksgiving

We are just barely into the second week of November, and already it seems as though Christmas is upon us. The stores have erupted with ornaments and lights, fake snow and good cheer; while the clerks eagerly await you at the checkout lines with jolly smiles.  I do believe that people have forgotten about Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving –the holiday where we all are to give thanks, one where we all come together and eat a meal and enjoy one another’s company and remember to be thankful (something I strive to do every day). It’s the least commercialized holiday out there if you think about it, no candy, no gifts, fireworks, etc. I think that’s why the retail world would like us to just forget about it. Let’s just all move right on to Christmas, I mean “Black Friday” has now started on Thanksgiving Day, for goodness sake. It’s craziness.

I like Thanksgiving, and as stated above, try to be thankful every day. I want to live a thankful life and teach my children to live that way. I am thankful for every new day that I wake up. I am thankful for the sweet family that God has graced me with. I am thankful for my two hands that allow me to do for others. We should all be thankful for so many things, but we get so caught up in the day to day. It’s easy to get stressed out “over” things in this world. I am guilty of it often, but when I take a moment to sit quietly and reflect on what I am thankful for, my perspective changes. This is why I get so agitated when folks are almost “skipping” over Thanksgiving. It’s important to give thanks!

This Thanksgiving season, I am giving back by helping a local organization with their Thanksgiving Meal Gift Package Program. CCHASM is a local non-profit that started their Thanksgiving Program over 15 years ago by giving out only 50 bags to those in need. A Thanksgiving Meal that those in need could take home and cook with their families to enjoy a sit down meal just like everyone else. A time for them, just like you, and you and you, to take a load off and enjoy a meal with family and be thankful. Now, CCHASM has gone from 50 bags to over 2,300 bags in 2012. I can only imagine what they will do this year.

I am thankful for organizations like CCHASM and I am thankful that I can surround myself with kind, loving people like those at CCHASM. Be thankful folks, be loving, and be kind. Celebrate Thanksgiving this year, Christmas will come in its own time, don’t worry.


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