A disgusting show in Washington

To the Editor:
I was in Walgreens waiting in line to pick-up a prescription when two men were sounding forth on the government shut down. They were angry veterans who were turned away from national monuments. They did not stop to think: if national parks were closed, of course everyone had to be kept out. The park service spent thousands repairing monuments defaced by graffiti and paint when the parks were open and patrolled by Capital Police and park authorities. When these federal workers were furloughed, no one should have been allowed to wander about.

It is amazing how angry people react. On TV we witnessed people holding signs for impeachment and screaming how our Christian president “bows to the Koran.” Others waved confederate battle flags while our own Grand Old Flag of the United States of America was allowed to touch the ground. The 16-day shut down certainly brought forth some ugly behavior.

I was married to a veteran for 46 years. When  my late husband and I first visited the Vietnam Memorial Wall we were moved to tears. But keep in mind there were people hurt much more tangibly than school children, tourists and veterans postponing visits to attractions. The very politicians who expressed the most outrage (with cameras rolling) are the ones who embarked on what John McCain rightly called a “fool’s errand,” thus causing the shut down in the first place.

Let us note which Virginia representatives supported the shut down and more importantly voted to default on money already spent. This was a profile in lunacy that cost all of us 24 billion dollars. That’s billions folks, not millions. Doesn’t that make you angry?

Diane Goss