This fool thinks he's too cool

In my 50-plus-years I have had the pleasure of meeting a diverse group of men and women. Some brilliant and some not so brilliant, but either way I have learned from them.

I have noticed that those who are comfortable in their skin do the least amount of bragging or discrediting others.

I also noticed men and women with the most things consider themselves the coolest.

Here of late, I do very little dating because I consider my time to be precious; therefore, the company I keep is important. So, when asked out to dinner by a gentleman, I assumed, he was a concerned friend caring for my wellbeing

During dinner I was informed of his educational background, his job, his connections (embellished), his income, and his future income (grossly embellished). It was obvious that he did not know me or was concerned with my wellbeing. He did not have to mention it, but I asked about his wife.

I also have a female friend that is a “Shopophile” (lover of all things expensive). She often has a fair amount of criticism for those around her. She questions why they are in the condition they are in, whether poor or prominent. God forbid if they are prominent and do not dress as such.

In the conversation with my gentlemen friend, I was informed that he could assist me in my job search – during the conversation he mentioned that in many instances it would just take a phone call; he requested my résumé. I emailed my résumé and I am still waiting for, at the least, an interview. I soon realized the lure of the job was just a ruse for a more personable relationship, but for me there is nothing more personable than finding gainful employment.

You see, I thought it interesting that someone with the inability to go up and down stairs without gasping for breath would want to enter into a physical relationship, even if it would be quid pro quo – not too cool.

My “Shopaphile” friend owns name-brand this and name-brand that.  I wonder how she felt when someone had to step in and pay for her daughter’s funeral – not cool.
As a member of the “Baby Boomers,” I wonder how “Gen Y” and the survivors of the “Great Depression” view us.

We wonder why our children are shamelessly disrespectful. If you think that yours is not, it is because you have become comfortable overlooking their disrespectful behavior (just think about it).

Have precious jewels, cars, clothes, and a home provided the appearance of being cool or are we really straight up fools? How do you rate your coolness? Do you need a man or someone else’s man to finance your cool appearance; do you need to pay a woman to be in her company in order to feel cool?

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Michelle Collins-robinson's Single's Diary

Michelle has a very unique and thought provoking perspective in all her articles. I so enjoy reading them. And I commend Michelle for sharing some of her interesting life with us!!! Good Job! Keep them coming, Michelle!!!

I think a lot of men like to

I think a lot of men like to throw on the table all of the things they have and everything they have accomplished. Many people associate success and happiness with very materialistic things. Let's be honest, a lot of women look for those things in men. I'm generation Y and I feel like we follow the Baby Boomers but with a different twist of our own. People older than us like to talk about "kids these days.." but in reality, everything that we know and have learned has been based off of you all. Coolness now seems to be having it all and not having a care for anyone else in the world except yourself. Is it foolish that a materialistic, label-feigned woman doesn't have the money to pay for her daughter's funeral? Absolutely. Does it shock me in this day and age? Not at all. It's simply our reality.

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