Gray’s comparison “creates perfect picture”

To the Editor:
I wanted to personally applaud [Rick Gray’s] article “Those Who Walk in Darkness.” His comparison of the biblical verse and our society’s approach to global climate change creates a perfect picture for the reader. Darkness and ignorance are very similar in most situations; both can cause people to not see the truly evident problems. In some cases, stairs. In other cases, unprecedented change leading to unforeseeable, and potentially catastrophic, consequences.

Gray’s thoughts on what is considered to be important in today’s society couldn’t have been more true. Up until recently, the idea of steady progress improving the quality of life seemed a constant and a value shared by all.  

But now, with new gadgets, bigger, faster items, coming out year after year, we have forgotten what is actually the reality. Gadgets are great, but we need to change focus before it is too late. Generations are going to look back at us and say, “The data was there; the opportunity was there; what were they thinking?” And, the world, as a whole, won’t have a response.  

Ignorance cannot be claimed when you know the facts and projected outcome.  

That is why Gray’s metaphor of darkness is apt: “Out of sight, out of mind.”

Focusing on educating those who are worried is an interesting standpoint that I had not considered. With all the facts and data, it seems a better idea to be changing those who are not worried. However, if we educate those who are worried, the impact would then not only overshadow, but potentially reach those who do not believe there is a present danger. Some of these lectures I have found online, available even without MOOC registration. These can be shared via social media websites, spreading the ideas further.

Which, at the bottom of it, is what needs to be done to save this planet. All in all, a very refreshing and informative article. Thank you for your coverage of this important topic.

Kameron Jones