Poultry not fricasséed

An Ordinance to amend the Code of the County of Chesterfield, by amending and re-enacting sections of the zoning ordinance relating to the keeping of chickens in Residential Districts will be considered by the Planning Commission on October 15. This amendment would allow (with certain restrictions relating to, among other things, number and kind of chickens, nature and dimensions of the chicken coop and outside run, fencing, setbacks, etc.), the keeping of chickens in Residential Districts and remove and separately define the term “chicken” from the definition of “residential stock farm.” After the public hearing, the Planning Commission may recommend changes to the proposed amendment including, among other things, “increases or decreases to the number of permitted chickens and increases or decreases to the proposed restrictions,” according to a Chesterfield County planning staff report. The chickens could not be slaughtered.


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