Centralia Station back to Planning Commission

After a contentious zoning change several years ago, after an approved case allowed upwards of 90 lots  in a 1993 case, the Centralia Station Development is back up to bat at the Planning Commission on October 15.

The zoning change on the 73-acre property is adjacent to the CSX Railroad tracks. The last rezoning was another case riddled with contention and potential lawsuits, as Wilton Properties sought and attained an access, for emergency only, through the Wellington Farms neighborhood. Wilton has since filed for bankruptcy on that company and the Centralia property was sold at auction to the C.W. Wright company.

C.W. Wright has had a difficult time deciding how to develop the property and has recently settled on large lots, 21 in all on the 73-acre parcel.

The problem for Chesterfield County planning is “developing an in-fill parcel for a single-family residential subdivision with wells and septic systems rather than the use of public water and wastewater systems adversely impacts fire protection water supplies and is not in keeping with more recent area development trends.”

The entrance to the development could also be a concern for the transportation department.

Proffers (promises to the county) include:

Any portion of the subject Property that abuts Wellington Farms shall be maintained by the Centralia Station Homeowners Association as a 60’ foot wide open space area and shall be kept in a natural state, except as may be necessary for the location of utilities and landscape screening.

All dwelling units shall have a minimum gross floor area of 2,000 square feet.

Foundations of homes shall be constructed of brick, stone, stucco or other finished materials. Unfinished cinder block or concrete foundations shall not be permitted.

All homes shall be provided with residential fire sprinklers installed in accordance to state requirements unless alternative fire protection water supplies meeting the fire code are provided.

The Centralia Station case was heard by the Planning Commission on September 17 and was deferred to their October 15 meeting.


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