Ettrick Elementary to collect extra funds through Tyson Project A+ program

Ettrick Elementary has a chance to raise up to $12,000 in extra school funds this year by participating in the Tyson Project A+ program, sponsored by Tyson Foods.

Students, parents, teachers and other members of the community are collecting Tyson Project A+ labels from Tyson product boxes and bags.  Tyson will send the school a check in the amount of 24 cents per label.  Funds raised through the Tyson Project A+ can be spent on anything the school needs, including supplies, equipment, building repairs and school programs.

According to the program coordinator Brenda Branch, “Ettrick is excited to have this opportunity and looks forward to working with Tyson Foods.”

More information on the Tyson Project A+ program can be found online at


Project A+

We hope you will be very successful in collecting the Tyson Project A+ labels! There are bonus monies available for the next few months. Check out

Good luck to your school!

Willie Barber
Manager, Consumer Relations
Tyson Foods, Inc.

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