Home sweet home

The Lashleys have a lot going on, I mean more than usual. Yes, we have swimming lessons and tap and ballet, we have Awana on Wednesday nights (this is new but very popular) and the usual play dates galore on the weekends, but the big one has just descended upon our family. We are putting our house on the market. Yes, that’s right, to add to all of the usual happy chaos, now I will become totally neurotic because our house is going up for sale.

It’s bittersweet really; we have lived here for eight and a half years. I was a young bride when we bought this charming little farmhouse and I had to have it the minute I pulled into the driveway. I will never forget the day we came by and I saw a simple wooden swing hanging from this big old beautiful tree in the back yard. All that came to my mind was The Secret Garden and every second after that I fell more and more in love. Yes, it was old and yes, we had to put a new roof on and new windows in, and a new heating system, but it was ours and had warmth that I can only hope we will find elsewhere.

We brought both of our sweet babies home here, to our perfect little pocket of Chester. Unfortunately, we just need a bit more space now, the kiddos are getting older (and taking up more space) and remember that puppy we got this summer, yes, he is growing too, and they do tend to do that!  We just seem to be bursting at the seams a bit. I will admit, I am emotionally attached to my house and will cry unashamedly when we leave, and wish that I could give, whomever does purchase our home, a serious personality test to make sure they are worthy of such a graceful old girl, she deserves kind owners, she is a protective old thing.

Yes, my house is treated with the utmost respect around here. After all, she protects us daily from the elements, keeps us nice and snuggly warm during the bitter cold winters with her crackling fire place, and nice and cool in the scorching summers under the protective shade from the arms of her old friends out there in the yard. She loves her family and we love her back.  The memories here are going to be with us forever.

The de-cluttering has begun, the “buy, sell, donate” piles have been started, yard sale date has been set and we have informed the family of a “work day” to get the house as ready as she is going to get. It’s time to get this show on the road. So, if you see me walking around town pulling out my hair, just smile or give me a hug, because I probably will need some positive reinforcements. I will keep you all updated with the “for sale by owner” drama.


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