Devin Stump takes first solo flight

Devin Stump, is a junior at Thomas Dale High School and completed his first solo flight on August 30 at the Hanover County Airport.  Stump began taking lessons at Heart of Virginia Aviation in late February with CFI Mike Jewell and was ready for his first solo flight after only 12 hours of instruction.  Devin will continue his studies over the next couple of months, preparing for the FAA Knowledge and Practical tests, as well as a cross-country solo flight.  He will be able to fly solo for the next year and become an officially licensed Light Sport pilot when he turns seventeen and passes a FAA check ride.  When not flying, Devin enjoys participating in Thomas Dale’s JROTC Color Guard and Drill Team.  He is currently a Second Lieutenant and member of the JROTC staff.


Devin is a boss. He smells

Devin is a boss. He smells really good.

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