Pre-school or pre-teen

As I type this, the precious flower and her sidekick, let’s call him the one with the red hair, are upstairs jamming to the beats of Disney’s “Teen Beach Movie.” It is pure torture for this Mama, I have listened to this soundtrack all summer and my sweet flower knows every lyric, every dance move, you get the picture. She is obsessed with the main actor of the film, a 17-year- old supposed heart throb by the name of Ross Lynch, also the star of another Disney show “Austin and Ally.” I know what you all are thinking, “Did this kid get the memo that she is only three?” No folks, she did not. She is a 14-year-old trapped in a little girl’s body! Well, not entirely, but she is growing up way too fast!

She and I recently made a poster of her favorite boy, Ross Lynch, with pictures that we cut out of Tiger Beat magazine. I will go on record and say that I did not purchase such a magazine for my sweet little flower, her grandmother did. The precious flower saw her dreamboat on the cover while shopping in Target and had to have it. So, of course Nani (grandmother) gave in and purchased the pre-teen acceptable reading material. This is what we read together on the couch now, forget “Goodnight Moon” she now must know what Ross Lynch’s zodiac sign is and what he thinks the perfect date is. Not that she even has a clue what either of those things are, she just wants to hear me talk about him.

Her big stuffed animals are now named after the characters on “Austin and Ally” and while we go and eat lunch with her big brother, she can totally hang with the second-grade girl conversations regarding all things Disney channel. She aches to be a cheer-leader (too young), wants to put pink and purple streaks in her hair (I let her briefly this summer, thanks Rosemary at Hair Pros), can’t wait to be big enough to go to big school, all the while I want her to stay little. She never has been very “babyish.” Remember, this is the child who potty trained herself almost at the exact moment she turned two, was speaking in complete sentences at 18 months and has been bossing us around since she was six months old. Girlfriend has spunk!

I love her so much and while she does seem like a little pre-teen some days, she is still my sweet girl that likes me to sing lullabies to her and rub her back at night. She still wants me to kiss her boo-boos and sleeps with her meow-meow and yes, she even still has a paci (pacifier) at night. And one of the reasons I don’t force her to give it up is because I still want to keep her little, just a bit longer, just for me. Because after all, she is my baby no matter how old she gets.


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