A ‘Super Year’ at Curtis

Curtis Elementary kicked off the Super School Year last Friday with students and teachers dressing up as their super heroes. There were a lot of Supermen, Batmans, and Captain Americas; there were doctors, nurses, soldiers and a Super Pereira.  Students arrived to their classrooms with their teachers dressed as Super Math, Super Reader and Super Recycler to name a few, and those arriving by car were greeted by Super Seal, aka, Ms. Seal, their gym teacher.

Susan Pereira, principal at Curtis Elementary, dressed as Super Batman in a yellow tutu, came up with the idea of a Super Year theme in June, when planning began for the 2013-14 school year.  “Our super heroes are not just about capes, there are super heroes all around us, doing ordinary things, in extraordinary ways,” she said.  “Each month we have a focus on something super and for September it was about goal setting and team building and how we can set a goal and become a super hero.”

Pereira said she was surprised how everyone involved got so into the Super Hero theme, especially noting how tired her teachers were getting ready for the first day of school. 

“Curtis doesn’t do anything half-way,” she said. “It’s amazing how many of the teachers got into doing their Super Hero.  They were so exhausted this week and they went right out in full force. Some of the teachers’ costumes are so funny and some of the teachers even coordinated their outfits on their levels.  It really brings the community together.”

Teachers and staff who were not in costume wore “What’s Your Super Power” themed t-shirts provided by the P.T.A. with a Big C emblem on the front and Curtis Staff on the back. Teachers wore “I Teach” t-shirts, where lunchroom staff wore “I Encourage” t-shirts.

Pereira said the super themes are a great way to keep the kids and staff motivated together. The Super theme for October will be celebrating Super Character with a focus on the school’s core values – respect, responsibility, honesty and accountability.

In November they will be celebrating “Our Super Home” with a focus on Virginia and Chester; December – Super Powers; January Super Readers; February – Super Citizens; March – celebrating math as a Super Hero; April – Celebrating Environmental Super Heroes; and May – Recognizing their hero teachers, their hero volunteers, reviewing their goals for the year and having their students answer the question “How were YOU a super hero this year?”

“I am so proud the way this community gets behind the school in whatever we do,” Pereira said. “I love my job and I am so proud of this staff and this school.”


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