Supervisors continue car title lending case until next month

Without much fanfare, Chesterfield Board of Supervisor Chairman Dorothy Jaeckle, called for a deferral of the vehicle title lender (AFI) that is proposed for the corner of Jefferson Davis Highway and Osborne Road.

Jack Wilson, who represents LoanMax, accepted the Chairman’s (also Bermuda District Supervisor) motion that the contentious case be continued without argument. LoanMax, who has leased the former 7-Eleven at Osborne Road, has had its application for rezoning to C-5 from C-3 (C-5 is the zoning category with the most commercial uses) deferred for the second time .

“I’ve been working with this applicant and they’ve done everything that I’ve asked and they asked me if I would support a deferral for 30 days and I told them I would,” Ms. Jaeckle said.

A related case was approved during last Wednesday’s meeting. The Board wants to explore a change in the policy for vehicle and payday lenders. The agenda item was on the consent agenda, which didn’t allow for any discussion, yet the change could alter plans for the AFIs.

According to planning documents, “AFIs shall be located within a shopping center and within a building which is designed, constructed or repurposed for use and occupancy by three or more separate tenants.”A summary of the information on the policy change was included in the Board’s request to have the proposed change sent back to the planning commission for review.

“On April 10, 2013, the Board of Supervisors adopted amendments to the Zoning Ordinance and a policy regarding the locations of Alternative Financial Institutions. Subsequent to the adoption, the Board considered several proposals for these institutions.

During recent consideration, concern was expressed that the policy would allow such institutions within freestanding buildings. It was suggested that the policy be amended to require the institutions to be located within a structure housing three or more independent uses that is located in a shopping center which should serve to minimize their visual appearance within the surrounding community. The amended policy would accomplish this goal.

Mr. Wilson said that if the county keeps the one-mile separation clause in the policy, it could be to the detriment of the community. He said that allowing the lending businesses to be closer together would encourage competition among the lenders, which would help lower the competitor’s interest rates.

The policy was originally considered by the Commission and subsequently forwarded to the Board with a recommendation. It would, therefore, be appropriate to remand the proposed amendments to the Planning Commission for consideration and recommendation.”

Policy changes are typically sent down to the planning commission for review and then sent back to the Board of Supervisors for consideration and a public hearing.  

This action does not mean that the Jefferson Davis Highway/Osborne Road AFI will be denied. That will be considered at the Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2013 pubilc meeting.


I don't see how these loans

I don't see how these loans are evil if they can mean make the difference between paying the rent or getting evicted. The real evil lies in the growing wealth disparity in this country that has everything to do with the increasing numbers of people struggling to make ends meet.

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