Christmas Mother: How to apply for help for 2013 holiday assistance

The Chesterfield-Colonial Heights Christmas Mother will hold registration for holiday assistance from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. beginning Monday, Sept. 16 through Thursday, Sept. 19 at the Chesterfield County Fairgrounds Exhibition Building located at Courthouse and Krause Roads.

Registration is open to families in need residing in Chesterfield County or Colonial Heights.  Families with children age 18 or younger may register for toys, children’s clothing, and food gift cards. School age children must be enrolled in school. Senior citizens in need age 62 or over may also register for holiday assistance (food gift cards, clothing, household items).

Applicants must apply in person and provide the following documents.

  • Social Security card or Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) card or an ITIN authorization letter
  • Social Security card for each child included in the application (exception for infants under six months of age)
  • Current valid photo identification such as a Virginia driver’s license or DMV identification card
  • Proof of residence in Chesterfield County or Colonial Heights such as a current utility bill, lease agreement, real estate deed, mortgage statement
  • Proof of legal guardianship if applicable (court orders or custody papers)
  • Proof of income for all household members such as recent pay stubs, notification of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) amounts, Social Security payments, SSI payments, pension award notice, child support payments
  • List of children’s birthdates, clothing sizes, height measurements

The Chesterfield-Colonial Heights Christmas Mother Committee reserves the right to provide client information to other organizations that provide holiday assistance for purposes of eligibility and verification.

Due to safety concerns, it is requested that clients do not bring children with them when applying for assistance.

For further information, call 748-1183.


Help my mom

My mom is on a lay-off since Dec 6 2013. She can't pay the rent, electric, and gas bill. I know this why she is so upset right now. Please help. She will not even put lights on the tree because she says they won't come on anyways soon.


I am a mother to a beautiful 5 yr. old boy & am expecting another boy any day now. This year has been very hard on our family, my fiance & I lost everything last year and have had to pretty much start over and rebuild our life. 2013 has been hard, but I am very grateful to our family & friends who have helped us. Now that Christmas is here we need help giving our son a Christmas he truly deserves. Throughout all our hardships his spirit has never wavered and now his father & I are scared that Santa wont be able to come. Please, we aren't asking for much. He needs some new clothes, especially jeans, he's growing so fast! His size is 5T - 6T. He enjoys reading books, just like his mother! Ninja Turtles, any of the Avengers, & Lego toys are his favorites. He also enjoys movies. Please if you read this, my son is such a great kid, he just started Kindergarten this year & is doing awesome! This is the first time we've not been able to give him Christmas, so please I need YOUR help...Thank you so much!
My number is 804-385-0722, if I don't answer please leave a message.


Thanks for taking the time to read this. My name is Ashley. My husband was laid off two mos ago with no sign of up coming work. I'm also eight mos pregnant. And not only concerned bout my kids not having a Christmas, I'm worried I won't have the thing my new son will need. Both my kids are in dyer need of warm clothes my daughter who is three wears a 4t/ 5/t. She enjoys hello kitty stuff, and Dora, and anything Disney. My son who is 6 loves ninja turtles, batman, spiderman and transformers. He would love a bike. He wears size 8 pants and 8 shirts in the little boy section. I will forever be greatful for the kind help. I'm terrified they won't have anything to wake up too Christmas morning.

Thankyou, Ashley goodman

Pregnant mother in desperate need!

Thank you for taking the time to read this first off. I'm am eight mod pregnate. My husband was laid off two mos ago. I have a three year old daughter and ab6 year old little boy. Who I am terrified won't have a Christmas. I hate asking for help but I'm just concerned. I worry myself sick on top of worrying about not having the thing my new baby will need. I beg of any kind of help. My daughter likes hello kitty and Disney princess stuff. She wears size 4t. My son is a normal boy likes transformers, ninja turtles. Wants a bike but that's out of the question. He wears 8 regular pants in little boys. And 7/8 in shirts clothes which he depritely needs. If anyone could help us at this depritely time in our lives I would be for ever grateful. I usually don't ask for help, I reallydont want my kids to wake up disappointed.

Thanks again,
Ashley Goodman
900 w. Harbour dr. Chester va 23836

Help for Christmas

I was too late to apply for help with Christmas Mother. If you are so led of the Lord to help, God bless you. We have 4 boys. 20, 18, 11 & 9. The 11 year old really wants a unicycle and a long board. The 9 year old wants a rip-stick and an mp3 player or better (that wont break after the first couple of days)Older boys would be blessed with anything. They wear size XL & long in shirts (they are tall) love the color black and mostly wear t-shirt type shirts, or gift certificates. We could use certificates for food as a whole family gift. Thank you for your consideration. Prayers are greatfully excepted. We pray blessing on all of you, those that need help & those of you that are doing the blessing. Merry Christmas!

help with chirsmas

i have three kids there names are dillon he is 11 jada she is 6 chance is 9 i get 710 a month and that pays my bills just trying to get a little help on chirsmas this year becouse there will not be chirsmas at my house this years hope there is some on out there that will help me out

help for Christmas

Hello my name is linda . I'm a single mother 5. I have 20,17,15,9,and4yearold. The younger kids r the ones I need help with. my 15yearold girl is into clothes and etc. My 9yold is a boy. Likes movies' fast and features movies,cars and etc.4yearold girl has no winter stuff and likes boy stuff tomboy.

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