Can't keep quiet!

By the time that you read this article, I will have just returned, with a team of four other people, from the Limpopo Province of South Africa. It was my fourth time to go to this part of the world, and to work among the Pedi people. Each time that I have been there, the Lord knows just the right people to put together, to accomplish what He wants done. This team was no exception, and for the first time we took two ladies. I must add that God put us with two men from Cape Town: Our driver and our guide. These men would become an integral part of our team as well.

Arriving in Jane Furse on Wednesday evening, we met with the leaders in the Baptist church. It was here that we mapped out with the national pastor what we were to do. Little did we truly know what God was about to do. We returned to our Guest House and sought to get some rest. By the way, have you ever tried to go to bed when your body is still on America time?

On Thursday, we made our first visit to a village known as Luckau. We met the family where the house church had just been established. We went door-to-door, sharing what is known as Creation to Christ. People immediately began to surrender their lives to the Lord. It was amazing to see people so hungry for the Word of God. We returned early on Friday morning and had the opportunity to share the story with hundreds of high school students at their school. We were invited to speak in the classrooms of the entire tenth grade, sharing the love of Christ with students.

The weekend consisted of a funeral on Saturday, plus a beautiful, and I do mean beautiful ride, to Polokwane. On Sunday, our team split into two teams and ministered at Diphagane Baptist Church and Mamone Baptist Church.

On Monday, we returned to Luckau, and were able to share at the primary or elementary school in the village. What a wonderful privilege to have the freedom to share Christ with students in their school. After visiting all of the kindergarten-3rd grade classes, we again went door-to-door. People continued to surrender their lives to the Lord, but we had not seen all that God would do. Monday evening ended with a 100 km or a 60-mile ride to Malegale, where we worshiped at the Baptist church there.

Tuesday, we visited the clinics in Ga-Phaala and Ga-Marishane. This was a great opportunity to share the love of Christ and to pray with many people. We returned to Luckau in the afternoon for one more worship service. The word of God was preached and many people gave their lives to the Lord. May I say, the fields are truly ripe unto harvest.

Our last day was spent at one clinic, and then we visited and encouraged some folks in their homes. We returned to Diphagane Baptist for a farewell service and then met with the church’s leadership. Henry Blackaby once said, “Find where God is working and join Him there.” Where is God working in your ministry context? For some of you, have you ever surrendered your live to Jesus Christ? Jesus is the only way; Jesus is the answer!    


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