Chesterfield trains 14 child-safety officers

This Tuesday, September 3, Chesterfield County Public Schools will welcome 57,000-plus students as they return to class. School supplies have been purchased, classrooms have been organized and check-lists for students and teachers are being finalized. Another order of business is safety preparation for Chesterfield County Police Child Safety Coordinators and School Crossing Guards.

On Monday, 14 child-safety coordinators and school crossing guards were in training at the corner of Walmsley and Turner Roads. Training officer Tim Kehoe had each coordinator and guard out in the middle of the intersection reviewing hand traffic signals and directing traffic.  

The school crossing guards posted at some elementary and middle schools must know how to stop traffic, guide children across busy roadways and move buses quickly out of the school bus loop.

The child safety coordinators are involved with all 38 elementary schools.  They will visit a school every third week to teach S.T.E.P. (Success Through Education and Pro-active Police) lessons. Grades K through 5th are involved in the program and will receive lessons on gun safety, stranger awareness, anti-bullying and seat-belt safety.  Each grade has a specific curriculum, such as, the fifth-grade classes may focus on alcohol/drug/tobacco prevention, decision making and conflict management. 


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