Virginia Flaggers say they’ll raise Confederate Flag on I-95 in Chester

The Virginia Flaggers have announced that south of Richmond they will be erecting a 50-foot flag pole, sporting a 10 by 15 Confederate Flag. But the spokeswoman, Susan Hathaway, is keeping the exact location under her CS Kepi hat.

The Village News communicate with Ms. Hathaway by email last Thursday, and while she wrote the flag would be located on leased land somewhere along Interstate 95 near where the Bermuda Hundred standoff took place, she wouldn’t get more specific.

Officials at Chesterfield County say that if the flag is flown in this county it will be an embarrassment, although there are no county zoning rules or county ordinances to prevent its installation.

The Chesterfield Democratic Committee wrote the Chesterfield Board of Supervisors asking them to condemn the flag.

“We know this flag is very disturbing and, frankly, upsetting to a great many members of our community, both black and white, and is similarly distressing to those travelers who will drive past it on interstate 95. This flag does not show us to be a welcoming county which we know we want to be. We believe this issue is above partisanship or politics,” the CDC wrote. “We don’t believe that employers will want to bring their jobs to a County whose vistas and horizon are invaded by a large, looming Confederate flag.

These employers will rightly fear that the message it sends to prospective employees is not a positive one. Jobs and businesses will go elsewhere.”

Proving what some county officials and citizens believe the threat of the flag is a publicity stunt, the media, across the nation, is clamoring to cover the controversial story.

“In an interview with the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Hathaway explained that the flag’s positive message had been distorted by groups like the Ku Klux Klan. (Confederate cavalry commander Nathan Bedford Forrest, whom Hathaway [says she] is a fan of, was the Klan’s first grand wizard,)” wrote Tim Murphy of Mother Jones Magazine. Murphy continued that on July 4 this year Hathaway posted on her blog, “God bless America...and God bless those who have the courage to stand in the face of tyranny...whether it be in 1776...1861...or 2013!”

Hathaway wrote on her Virginia Flaggers blog, “The flag will serve to welcome visitors and commuters to Richmond, and remind them of our honorable Confederate history and heritage. The location is also historically significant, as Confederate troops are believed to have camped in and around the area during the Bermuda Hundred Campaign.” Hathaway continued that, “Site work will begin next week, [this week] with a September 28th Flag Raising/Dedication slated. We have received an excellent deal on a pole, with an internal halyard. Much of the site work will be by volunteers and donations, and we expect to be able to complete this project at a cost of just under $3,000.”

The Flaggers contend that they will be having a dedication I-95 Battle Flag Raising/Dedication on September 28. Location to be announced.


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