ASKEW, Scott Stillwell, 66, of Chesterfield, husband of June Askew.
BROWN, Clara, 91, of Chesterfield, widow of Raymond L. Brown.
CLAPP, James Mitchell Jr., 59, of Chesterfield.
GAVIN, John Patrick, 70, of Chesterfield, widower of Lynne Marie Gavin.
GIROLAMO, Carl A., 88, of Chesterfield, a World War II and Korean War veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces.
HICARO, Eduardo Ella, 62, of Chesterfield, a Philippine Merchant Marine veteran, husband of Maria Hicaro.
HIPPCHEN, David Martin, 58, of Chester, husband of Kim J. Hippchen.
LUCAS, James “Ray” Raymond, 63, of Chester, husband of Gayle Litwinowicz Lucas.
MOORE, Craig Steven, 41, of Chesterfield, husband of Carrie Moore.
SHOOP, John Grier, 74, of Chester, husband of Thea Shoop.
TYSON, Oscar Lee, 67, of Chesterfield, husband of Betty Tyson.
WILSON, Herman M., 92, of Chesterfield, a World War II veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces, husband of Elizabeth Blankenship Wilson.
WOODCOCK, Patricia White, 79, of Chesterfield, widow of Lucas J. Woodcock Jr.


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