Don't let your guard down

As we rapidly move towards the end of summer, I thought that I would throw out some reminders to finish the summer well. My definition of well, in this case, is everyone safe and your property intact. This article is going to look like a church potluck dinner, but hopefully by the end, you will pick up what I am trying to put down. It is when everything is eerily quiet that we must look to see that everything is proceeding as it should.

Your kitchen, bedroom, utility room or room with a faulty ceiling fan is the most probable location of a house fire. Kitchen fires are the given, due to being the place where the majority of all residential fires begin. I say the bedroom if you are one who smokes in bed. That is a terrible habit that will catch up with you if you do not change that behavior. I said the utility room, thinking about the location of your washer and dryer, as well as your panel box. The ceiling fan could be in any room in your house. My wife and I were in one of our bedrooms the other day. When we turned the switch on to the ceiling fan, you could hear a buzz, but no fan movement. Incidentally, we have replaced that fan. Don’t forget about the fire caused by an electrical issue.

How about water safety? Keep in mind that a lack of parental supervision is the number one cause of child drowning cases. Consumption of alcohol and pool parties are tickets to disaster. Intoxication makes normally rational people do irrational things like dive into the shallow end of a swimming pool at 4:30 a.m. Speaking on alcohol consumption, it doesn’t work with operating a boat or a jet ski either. Boats tend to run into channel markers and other boats when the boat operator is impaired. For the sober boat operator, be careful about submerged objects in the water. If the water we are talking about is the ocean, watch out for the rip tides and the great white shark, or any hungry shark for that matter.

As long as it is summer, be prepared for a pop-up thunderstorm. Whether it be wind, hail, lightning, heavy rain or a combination of any of the above, you must be prepared. Heavy rain could lead to flash flooding. Lightning could strike a person when they least expect it. Hail is hail. Wind will drop a tree on your head, your car or a power line. The thunderstorm will only last for a little while, but keep in mind, we are still in the midst of hurricane season.

The last thing that I will talk about is, “how’s my driving?” Seat belt on and no texting while driving should be your mantra. Instead of driving like you stole it, how about drive it like your taking your newborn baby home. I watched a lady stop her car on a red light in the middle of an intersection tonight, but then creep forward with the light still red. The bottom line is that the leading cause of death for people 44 and under is trauma due to motor vehicle collisions.

Finish your summer well and enjoy the rest of it!


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