Max makes the logical purchase

Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound.  I previously wrote about my visit to the local Subway and the confusion the cashier had over my order.  Well, I decided to go back again this week.  I had done well trying to watch what I eat all week and thought it would be a good idea to kind of celebrate with another pulled-pork sandwich…but this time stick with a six-inch versus an “almost” foot-long.  This way I get some of the guilty pleasure without over-indulging.  So, while standing in line to place my order, I noticed that the six-inch was $4.50, while the “almost” foot-long was only $7.  That meant if I were to buy two six-inch sandwiches versus a foot-long I would paid $2 more for the sandwich or $1 more for half of a foot-long.  Now that is crazy talk, so I went ahead and bought a foot-long. I ate the whole thing, knowing full well I could have stuck with the plan by putting half of the sandwich in the fridge, but I am not a good leftover person.  For the most part, mold claims my leftovers before I do, so I felt justified, plus I saved a whole $2.  Now Max…quit your complaining.  I know you were not happy with my decision not to accept your offer to help me dispose of the extra half of the sandwich, but I did it for your own good.  Yes…really.  It had pepper-jack cheese on it and you know that would have caused you heartburn and kept you up all night.  See, I am truly a good Master!

“A balanced meal in my mind is an ice cream cone in each hand.”
– Dogpound Wisdom

Good news...the government has announced that all of the extra data mining and collection they have been doing via your cell phone provider will not cost you...the user… any additional cost. Way to go Big Government!

Oh yes, more good news...with our government collecting more and more information on us via cell phone calls, texting, email and on other devices we are completely unaware of, they will appear this fall on a special episode  of “Hoarders.” No lie.

That is a wrap.  As always be good…play safe and remember to eat healthy or at least give it a good shot.

JR and Max


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