Explore the issues deeper

To the Editor:
I enjoy most of your columns, particulalrly those that provide a little humorous relief from the depressing state of our economy, the decreasing lack of civilized interaction in our society and the moral degradation in much of our entertainment industry.  (By the way, why would anyone watch a “Honey Boo Boo”)?

Well. Where did that come from? I just intended to ask why you didn’t explore  one of the areas you mentioned last week in more depth, like the frustrations of choosing the right line anywhere (switching doesn’t work), how the stores engineer their layout (with frequent changed) to maximize your time there and the money you leave behind, the types of grocery items men pick up on their shopping trips vs women, etc. Instead, you skipped around and ended up equating paper vs plastic choices to ideology? Seriously?

By the way, I choose paper. I don’t see as many paper bags floating down the roads or plastered in trees or against buildings.

Cheryl Fox