Joy riding thief crashes fire truck

A Chesterfield county police officer heading to work for his 6 a.m. shift, had a big surprise early Saturday morning as he approached the Woodpecker and Bundle roads area. A big yellow Chesterfield fire truck was partially in his path and into a ditch, and had been abandoned. The fire truck that had been stolen, had sustained heavy damage on the front section and on the sides. The crumbled bumper bore testimony of a cruise down twisted and narrow back roads by a less than skilled fleeing driver.  

The unit was Foam 215, said Lt. Jason Elmore of Chesterfield Fire and EMS. It originally was a fire engine from Dutch Gap Fire Station that is now used as a foam unit at Airport Station. Fire officials didn’t want to say how a fire vehicle is started, but they did say some special knowledge would be needed to start and operate one.

The fire truck was taken back to the maintenance shop at Lori Road where it was stolen from. The maintenance shop is located in the old county courts complex which is near the county jail, the county police station and the Eanes Pittman Public Safety Training Center. The fire truck is undergoing intense inspections to determine the full scope of the damage.

County police are conducting the investigation. Police are asking anyone who may have witnessed anything suspicious to call Crimesolvers at (804) 748-0660.


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