The dog days of summer

We finally broke down and did the unthinkable. I never thought that I would see the day, never, ever, ever. We Lashleys are now the proud new owners of a puppy. I used to loathe those “dog” people. You know, the ones (heck, half of you are those people). You take your dogs everywhere; your crotch sniffing, barking, slobbering, cumbersome beings that you all treat like children. You take them to festivals, parks, farmers markets, the beach (I hate that) everywhere; you would take them to Walmart if they let you. I could never quite wrap my mind around it.

You see, I have never had a dog for very long. I know that sounds ominous; it’s not. I had dogs in spurts growing up. We grew up in the country and strays would show up, live in our yard long enough for us to name it, get a little attached and then it would be gone. Then there were my Dad’s hunting dogs, but they don’t count. So, you see, I have never understood the dog thing. I have always had cats and,well, cats just don’t care.

Anyway, back to our great acquisition. I have had baby fever for a bit now, but ever since the precious flower’s traumatizing delivery wrecked havoc on my poor body I am no longer able to add to the human population. That’s all right, don’t feel sorry for me, my two are pretty special and you don’t want to mess with perfection anyway.  So, the next best thing to a baby is…you guessed it, a puppy.  So, off to the Chesterfield County Animal Shelter we went.  

After arriving and meeting our sweet little guy we were hooked. We left, came home and called Daddy and told him he HAD to leave work early because he HAD to come see this puppy before the shelter closed at 5 p.m. Being the most wonderful man on Earth, he did exactly that and surprise, we had ourselves a puppy prancing through Petco by 5 p.m.

The sweet darling girls at Petco had themselves a ball being our personal shoppers (I think they were selective in their hearing though, I know I said economical). We had to get everything; a crate, leash, collar, harness, shampoo (boy did he stink to high heaven), dog food (no artificial dyes for him either folks), treats, toys and of course a name tag  - TUCK. Yes, our pretty black lab puppy’s name is Tuck; ya’ll get used to that name, you will be hearing a lot about him from now on, I’m sure.

So far, so good, he is the sweetest little thing and loves his Daddy. I, of course, follow him around like a stalker making sure he doesn’t go to the bathroom in the house and praise the Lord he seems to have caught on to the potty-outside-thing fast. I know Labs are supposed to be smart but this one’s a genius. And see, that statement there, I think I am becoming one of THOSE people, just a little bit. A dog person…yep and guess what, I will tell you a secret, we even took him to the South of the James Farmers Market this weekend. I could not believe how fast we fell into being dog people; it is crazy ya’ll! Crazy I tell ya! But we had a ball, and so did our little Tuck. So, all of you dog people out there, don’t be mad at me, because I have joined your ranks, see ya’ll at the park!


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