Max gets the joke

Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound.  Have you ever seen a cartoon or read a joke and remarked that you have actually had the same thing happened to you?  

Well, I had such an incident the other night.  I sat down to catch up on some of my emails but there was no internet service to my laptop.  I tried the usual reboot, and unplugged the line for several minutes…but all of my attempts were unsuccessful.  I had the phone number of my wireless supplier …they actually live a few miles from here but the phone number was no longer in service.  

I could not call them, or text them, and I surely could not email them to let them know I was already getting withdrawal symptoms.  So I called someone I know…and for my safety I will leave it at that…and asked them if they would look up the address on the internet and obtain a working phone number.  

For some reason the search engine was not being very helpful, so I asked her to send an email to them so they would be aware I was having service problems.  She took down the contact information, and wrote down the message I wanted to convey to them.  She told me she would send the message and call me back when she had finished.  I reminded her to make sure she included me in the email copy so I would also have a record of the request to my service provider.  

A few minutes later she dutifully called me back and let me know that the email had been successfully sent…now comes the good part and  you may already be ahead of me here…then she adds “Did you get your copy?”  I had to burst out laughing since I don’t have a working computer and that was the reason for the email in the first place.  
It was pretty funny and if you read enough cartoons and comics you will see similar punch lines.  Reality makes the funny pages...or vice versa.  And yes...just for the record...she is a blonde.  Now you know why this person will always remain anonymous and my life will be spared.


“Change your life today. Don’t gamble on the future, act now, without delay.”
– Simone de Beauvoir

Diagnosing my problem as water on the knee, the doctor prescribed complete bed rest. When we got home, my husband set me up in a lounge chair and brought my knitting and some books. As he packed ice around my knee, he said, “Now, honey, I don’t want you to move until it’s time to get dinner ready.”

As always be good, play safe and remember to always laugh, it is only a joke.  

JR and Max


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