Lady and the tramp?

The dictionary’s definition of tramp: a migratory worker that travels, a hobo, or a disreputable woman.

In light of the definition I thought it was ironic that Disney’s “Lady and the Tramp” depicts the “the Tramp” as a male dog who was able to win over “Lady” a thoroughbred cocker spaniel and her thoroughbred male chien friends.

Once a woman is labeled a “tramp” she rarely sheds the label regardless of her marital status or lifestyle; unlike “the Tramp.” She is recognizable because she accuses others of trampdom; she tracks her partner’s every move or hires a private eye to follow her partner, and she undermines any woman that possess the attributes she desperately desires. She cannot be trusted. Therefore, she does not trust or is loyal to anyone.

Just like “Lady,” the tramp enjoys the fixings of a happy life and befriends thoroughbreds, but the urge to conquer is in their DNA. For a tramp it becomes a game to justify insecurities, this is the only way they feel worthy. They do not care if their conquered is a best friend’s spouse, family, or foe – they cannot resist the urge. Just like “the Tramp” they live “footloose and collar-free.”

A female tramp used to be a rarity, but today they’re so numerous that male tramps (married men that are not separated) no longer use discretion; they approach every female or female impersonator who is in their peripheral vision.

The male tramp may target their female prey at any venue. They are so versed that they have a way of complimenting their prey that makes them feel special. After a rough day, week, month, or year, a compliment can work wonders for one’s ego.

In 1994, I was in a grocery store when a handsome man told me that I was beautiful. I smiled and said thank you. Before I could finish my shopping he gave me a bouquet of spring flowers (I am a sucker for flowers). He asked if he could take me out; just when I was about to give him my number I noticed his wedding band. I felt cheap and I thought that he viewed me as a tramp.

I recently had a conversation with a married friend. “You need to get over yourself. Times are hard,” she said. “You need to get what you can while you can from whomever you can!”  This  tramp revealed herself.

I have relatives and friends that are incensed with my stance to the point that I have become fodder for their jokes.

Let’s face it singles, when a married person takes it past a compliment they see you as a tramp. What other reason is there for such blatant disrespect.

Though a compliment is much appreciated and sometimes desperately needed. My new response when a married man crosses the line is: “who are you calling a tramp?”

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Lady and Tramp

There are many concepts to be addressed in this article. I will choose the idea that the lines between Lady and Tramp are not always so clear…are evolving…can change!!!!

I believe there are many women today who would like to project a classier image. Some fall short for lack of a road map to lead the way… Well, that is the “value added” to a blog like this. Because you can collect responses across all strata and use these collective voices to uplift each other. So, let’s do the work on never having to use the “T,” ( for Tramp) word because… We can all work for improvement. Try a few easy changes and see the impact. Surround yourself with other classy people, and minimize time spent with those who aren't. It will soon become obvious. Some people will admire the changes, but others may judge and dislike your growth. Gravitate toward people who accept and embrace elegant behavior to accelerate your own evolution.

Carry yourself with confidence, gratitude and contentment. Acceptance of self is the first step in conveying an open appreciation of life. Grateful people pass their happiness onto others easily, It is the single most important tool for increasing charisma.
Dress with dignity and style. This means wearing well-made clothing that fits; shop for quality instead of quantity, more cotton, silk and linen instead of polyester. Start with a proper-fitting bra, which can improve posture and carriage. Eschew clothing that clings, bunches or shifts; those garments can make us look uncomfortable, which draws the wrong kind of attention. Read upscale fashion magazines like Vogue, W or Vanity Fair to get a reliable idea of what constitutes sensual, flattering style.
Expand your mind through reading and stimulating, thoughtful discussion. Well-read people have stronger vocabulary skills than average folks, and can reason their points more coherently. Plus, the increased reading will give you conversation topics.
Practice the art of modulated speaking. It's undignified to shout, guffaw or scream in public, so learn to avoid these habits. Free your voice of sharp highs and lows; instead, seek to keep a level volume for as long as possible. Make consonants crisp, which will eliminate some colloquial speech patterns. To improve vocal tone, smile when speaking. This brightens the voice and sets the tone in a natural place within the palate.
Show the most courteous behavior to everyone….because you are 3X a Lady.

One note of caution…Don’t mistake prestige and title for elegant behavior…Sometimes the most powerful among us set the worst examples. Look for genuine elegant role models. And when you don’t find all that you need in one person then you must piece it together
like a patch work quilt.

Lady and the tramp?

It's hardly ever a bad time to lift up another persons spirit. However, the timing of appropriateness is also based on the purpose. Are you doing it just because you

Lady and Tramp

I think the expectation of duality (or dichotomy, if you will) of the female is what lies at the heart of most of society's misconceptions. We are truly a conflicted sex- we force ourselves into different roles and expectations and norms depending on who we are relating to- our fathers, brothers, husbands, partners, co-workers, even other women. We learn it from all the stimulus that bombards us each waking and sleeping moment. We should teach our daughters and sons to be genuine in their compliments without an expectation of anything further. Sadly, there are those who would use their charms to elicit a desired response- which is what society has conditioned us to do. Do not project another's insecurity or lack of self-control as a commentary on who you are or how they or others might define you. Don't relinquish that power to anyone.

Lady and the tramp (Compliments)

To Michelle Collins-Robinson
I would like to say first off that your attitude is something special. Your columns are fun to read. And you get right to the point,which I feel is refreshing. In this atricle you stated that compliments are much appreciated and sometimes desperately needed. Being in my mid forties and judging by your picture in the paper your alot younger than me. It is kind of embarssing not knowing this and asking a younger person,but. My question (and I am aware this is not an advise coloumn, but maybe you could enlighten me) when is it proper to give a compliment to someone? Example: I know someone that is working at a bank , is it proper to compliment her while she is on the job and I am a customer? Your advise would be appreciated. Maybe a column on giving compliments in the future. Thanks.

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