With these hot days

We are definitely in the hot and humid pattern, but we have definitely gotten more rain this summer than in years past. With these hot days, there comes the need to pay closer attention to hydrating yourselves with the proper fluids, prior to outdoor activity. Heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke are the deadly progression of not preparing yourself for the heat. This intro is only a side note to the place that I really want to go with this article.

Hot and humid days are an equation that causes temperatures in your vehicle to climb above 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This can be fatal for any living thing, for even a short period of time. Our bodies will do their jobs in attempting to cool us, but that will only last for so long. Once the sweating ceases, our body begins to heat up to the temperature that we are in. As heat stroke sets in, our core temperature begins to rise, and everything within us begins to cook. We will die from this, if not removed from this environment and cooled rapidly, but even more susceptible are the very young, the elderly and our pets.

The common statements are: “I was only going in the store for a minute.” I can think of several stores that you will stand in long lines just trying to check out. One minute then becomes 15-30 minutes, plenty of time for a heat injury to occur. “I did not think that it was that hot outside.” The temperature can be in the eighties, but with no air circulating in the car, the temperature will rise.

We were at a local restaurant the other night and the police had been called due to pets being in an enclosed vehicle in the parking lot. I am sure that many thought, who would make a call like this? The question is, how many of you would want to be closed up in an airtight vehicle for an hour or better? Pets are just as susceptible to heat related injuries as people are. Most of you cannot carry your pets inside the restaurant, therefore you must make arrangements for them to stay cool.  

Whether the cause of this happening is negligence or forgetfulness, the outcome is tragic and senseless. My hope is that this article will prevent any person or pet from being injured or killed because they were left in a vehicle. I am certain that I could interview anyone that has lost a loved one or a pet to this cause and the testimonial would be heartbreaking. Be a responsible parent, caregiver or pet owner; lives will depend on it.  


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