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AGUILERA, Emerson Joshua Zelaya, 15, of North Chesterfield.
BELCHER, William Henry Jr., 73, of Chester, widower of Clarice Foutz Belcher.
BOBBITT, Dorothy Veniskey, 86, of Chesterfield, widow of Herbert Raymond Bobbitt Jr.
BOYLE, Brian Sr., 59, of Chester.
CARICOFE, Christopher Jere, 48, of Chester, husband of Christine Caricofe.
CHRISTIAN, Leslie Haden, 83, of Chester, husband of Pauline “Polly” Harris Christian.
CRAWLEY, Lawrence C., of Chesterfield.
DAUGHERTY, Ronald Lee, 55, of Chesterfield, husband of Teresa Daugherty.
DUKES, Rashawn R. Sr., 25, of North Chesterfield.
FORREST, Josephine H., 94, of North Chesterfield.
GOMEZ, Gustavo, 37, of North Chesterfield.
GREENE, O.E. “Buster,” 78, of Chesterfield, widower of Mary Anna Greene.
KEARNEY, John R., of Chester, widower of Irene Kearney.
MOON, Margie, 84, of Chesterfield, wife of Thomas Moon.
NELMS, Thomas Lee Sr., 84, of Cheste,  husband of Anne Nelms.
POMPLUN, Florence Ellen Starks, 95, of Chester, widow of Burton Rudolph Pomplun.
PRESLEY, Marilyn Mackey, 63, of Chesterfield, wife of Randy Presley Sr.
RAMSEY, Hubert Clayton, 73, of Chesterfield, husband of Ellen Ramsey.
ROTT, Stanley Valvin, 99, of Chesterfield. RUCKLES, Betty, 79, of Chesterfield.
SNOWA, Jean Rose, 60, of Chesterfield, wife of James D. Snowa Sr.
TURNER, Theodora A. Swanson, 82, of Chesterfield, wife of James H. Turner.
WHEELER, R. Kenneth, of North Chesterfield, husband of Christine K. Wheeler.


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