Chester based truck driver achieves one million safe miles

Imagine going your entire professional career without ever making an error. For Robert Russell, a local truck driver working for Con-way Freight, that is a reality. He has driven over one million miles without any type of incident or accident while on the job – not even a minor bump or scratch on his truck.

Serving Richmond and the surrounding area, Robert Russell has been driving for Con-way Freight for more than 11 years and was honored for his achievement at the Chester service center on June 18.

To put one million miles in perspective, it’s the equivalent of driving:

  • Approx. 1.3 million laps around Richmond International Speedway
  • The length of a football field (goal line to goal line) 56,818 times
  • Around the circumference of the earth 41.5 times
  • 25 percent of all U.S. Highways
  • It would take an average driver in the motoring public 74 years to drive a million miles (13,476 miles/year)
  • From the Earth to the Moon 4.2 times.


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