Virginia is for vacationers

Ahhh, we finally made it through the final week of school. The madness of the end of year projects, teacher gifts and the mountains of paper that get sent home daily – I tell you what, I am a complete psycho when it comes to keeping my house straight, and the piles of paper coming into this house that last week of school were sending my poor heart into palpitations daily. Not to mention that freak of a storm that left us without power for 36 hours.  We felt like we were in the twilight zone, I don’t know what it is, but when the power is out, it’s like reality is out of your orbit; things were just off kilter. Now that things are back to normal, summer vacation is in full swing.

This summer we are not going on any grand vacation (ha, not that we ever do). We are having a “staycation” and exploring our own great Commonwealth of Virginia. Yep, all summer long I have found little places for us to explore right here in our own backyard that are not only fun and close by, but also economical. Our first little jaunt we found by accident. I had to take my dad down to Gloucester (he’s a waterman and had to take a course down there) and decided that the kids and I might as well make a day of it. I found the most wonderful little beach  there, I just Googled “beaches in Gloucester.” Can I say, I love Google. Gloucester Point Beach Park is just wonderful –and free.

It’s very small, but perfect. I imagine the weekends are slammed, but during the week it was magical.  It’s a small little beach located on the York River right where it meets the Chesapeake Bay, at the foot of the Coleman Bridge. They have a grassy area with picnic tables, a playground and even an old-fashioned concession stand. The only down fall were the disgusting bathrooms, but, hey, it can’t be perfect, at least they had bathrooms. The beach was clean, the water shallow and my kiddos were in heaven. I had to literally drag their little water-baby selves out of the water and back home to Chester. We will be visiting again.

We have planned a trip to Jamestown, for sure, plan to go back to Gloucester (it’s only an hour and ten-minute drive), Pocahontas State Park, Maymont, Charlottesville, Lewis Ginter, the bowling alley and, of course, Chesterfield County Public Libraries (our favorite) and the many playgrounds in Chester. We do live in such a wonderful state and there are many more places to visit besides where we will be going. I hope you all enjoy a safe and happy summer vacation, and remember your fun vacation plans may just be a Google away.


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