Max has his say

Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of the Dogpound.  And…what do you want Max?  Why do you think I am writing about you?  Oh...yes…your name is in the title but I am not writing about you…as if it is any of your business.  Why use your name in the title then?  Well, we in the writer’s business – call that a hook.  No…not that sharp pointed thing…it is an “attention” grabber so readers will read your article, plus it helps our thousands of loyal fans to easily find my article. 

What…ok...ok…quit growling…let’s just say hundreds and hundreds.  Still  Ok...ok…for the dozens or so of faithful Dogpound readers.  Happy?  Now go into your room so I can finish this article that is not about you. Ok...where was I before I was so rudely interrupted?  Well, dang, I am drawing a blank right now and the nice weather is calling me to get outside to enjoy the sunshine.  However, before I give in to that calling I do want to mention that it is Father’s Day...well technically it was last week.  I know...sigh…I am almost always off on my holidays since I do write these in advance and checking the calendar is not as important as checking my spell check. 

My bad…but we here in the Dogpound want to give a big shout out to all of those great dads, that work their you know what off, and make daily sacrifices so their family will not go without and enjoy a better world than he had.  For some least in my mind…Mother’s Day seems to overshadow Father’s Day.  Not that I want to belittle Mother’s Day but it just not seem to receive equal attention.  Maybe it is because dads are not big fans of chocolate, jewelry or flowers.  I mean you can give dad only so many ties [who wears ties these days anyway?], and you can give him all the cologne fragrances you want and he will more than likely stay with his “regular” brand. 

So at the end of the day take some time to spend with Dad…go to the game…go fishing…just sit on the deck and engage Dad in a conversation over a tall cool one.  These days, even with all our fancy time saving gadgets many of us just cannot seem to find “quality” time anymore; we are so “engaged” in our daily lives that the best we can do at times is a quick phone call or a text message or two.   So from the Dogpound to all of the great hard working Father’s out there, we tip our hat to you because you are the foundation of the family and guardian of our future generations.

Anyone can become a father…but not everyone can become a “Daddy”.  – Dogpound Wisdom

Overheard at a local festival...Mother to her little boy. “No you cannot have cotton candy. You have to have something healthy first. How about a corn dog??”

That is a wrap as I heed the call of Mother Nature.  As always be good, play safe and remember tough old dad does have a soft heart.  

JR and Max


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