Marketplace: Chester Farmer’s Market

It was a glorious day at the Chester Farmer’s Market Saturday on the Village Green in Chester.  After being soaked on the previous Saturday, all the vendors and customers enjoyed the bright sunshine and comfortable temperature. Twelve vendors participated.

Four produce vendors offered beautiful lettuces, herbs, potatoes, onions and yes, tomatoes. Marcus and Michelle Gardner helped by their daughter Sara sold produce grown in greenhouses – fifteen produce varieties by Marcus’ uncle, Van Parker, in North Carolina. The produce from Parker Farms are au natural, no pesticides used.  Everything is picked and packed on Friday afternoon and Marcus makes the trip to pick the produce for the next days market. He sells out early.

JNW Farm brings us produce from their farm north of Fredericksburg. Tyler Buffkin is up at 4 a.m. to load the truck then make the trip to Chester. For the last three markets he has brought Kohlrabi, a vegetable that has been grown in Europe since the 1500s.

Chip and Barbara Micou of Chester come and set up their “boutique” every other Saturday. He sells his vegetables, she sells her beautiful “Back Yard Bouquets.” The fourth produce vendor Jerry Smith, has been with the market since its beginning six years ago. This week he offered beautiful Yukon yellow potatoes. 

Kathy Chain, owner of The Herbs of Happy Hill offered a multitude of herbs. For those who miss the market her shop is open by appointment.

Lee Ann Nelson sells all sorts of flags from her business, Neighborhood Flags. Going around the market, the next vendor is Juanita Edmonds of Nita’s Tastee Treats.  She bakes delicious goodies. Last Saturday she had mini-bundt-lemon pound cakes and many other sweet treats.

Alice Jeter’s company, Organocoffee, offers a selection of coffees, teas, chocolate and latte instant beverages. She is set up to give you a taste right there at the market. Sharon Wiley, a craft vendor, makes a variety of articles out of recycled materials. Kim Seckman of Pamper Chef, had her usual long line of customers. 

Stacy Taffer and her son Josh of Back to Basics Soaps offered old fashion handcrafted soaps and mesh wreaths. 

Another crafter is Cindy Lacy.  She specializes on Iris folding and braided paper.  If you are looking for special cards come and look at the beautiful cards she makes.

The  last vendor to participate in the market was Sagan Lacy, the son of Terry Lacy. He shares her booth and does caricatures.  This talented young man can work from live subjects or from pictures, even ones send by e-mail.    His caricatures are a hit.  He can draw children, grown ups, pets and other subjects.

Next week the Market welcomes back Kristi Hamilton of Elim Springs Farm. She offers eggs, poultry and meat, all natural.  The Amin family has returned with their Old World breads. This wonderful Middle Eastern bread has been on demand from our customers since the beginning of the market.  

Nicole Jordan, the market master says, “Thank you to all the customers who frequent and support the market.”  Market hours 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.


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