Soldiers help out at Harrowgate Elementary graduation ceremony

The fifth-grade graduation ceremony at Harrowgate Elementary School was held on Thursday, June 13. A large crowd of parents and family members attended the ceremony and were pleasantly surprised to find soldiers from Ft. Lee assisting with the program.  Dressed in their dress uniforms, soldiers assisted with parking, passing out programs, escorting families to their seats, the procession entrance, and crowd control.  Students and families expressed their appreciation and remarked on the wonderful feeling of decorum that the soldiers’ presence added to the event.

The following students are members of Harrowgate Elementary School’s fifth grade graduation Class of 2013:

Jaylen L. Allen
Anija M. Anderson
Dylan L. Archer
Semiah M. Bailey
Bryuanna A. Bain
Damontrai N. Barney
Keshawn D. Billups
Raekwon M. Bridges
Andrew J. Brooks
Aaliyah C. Bullock
Tayler E. Butter
Lucas A. Carmichael
Isabella A. Chirino
Tyrone D. Coleman
Andrew W. Corbitt
Brandon L. Craig
Malachi D. Creec
Taylor J. Cremonese
Aalayah M. Cudjoe
Luis F. Delgado
Jaguar W. Duncan
Rayjannah N. Edmonds
Victoria F. Fender
Diamond J. Fortner
Richard A. Fuller
Diamond D. Garland
Brenden M. Gray
Aaliyah J. Hainesworth
Jayla N. Hess
Jillian D. Howard
Araya S. Hunting
Aliyah A. Jackson
Keonn A. Johnson
Kinasha D. Johnson
Noah B. Johnston
Ashanti M. Lacue
Brendan T. Landes
Colby T. Logan
Coleman A. Maitland
Heaven J. Mann
Amber D. McKoy
Anthony D. Minter
Miles K. Mobley
Tiro J. Navara
Kevin C. Neblett
Andre M. Oliver
Diamond R. Owen
Nathaniel Pencile
Rebecca E. Phillips
Kara N. Porter
R. Wesley Powell
Tyion N. Raysor
Alexis T. Reed
Dawson A. Riggle
Kayla M. Rivera
Joshua L. Sacre
Carlette L. Scruggs
Lilly M. Shelley
Cameron R. Smith
Myasia S. Spradley
Sophia F. Stewart
Jahana A. Stone
J. Brodie Theimer
Tabitha J. Thompson
Shimmar Malik Wakefield
Nyrell L. Walker-Bethea
William A. Walker
Devin N. Walsh
Zykayla X. Walton
Cason S. Willingham
Emily L. Witte
Tyler M. Woodruff
Shane M. Wyatt
Kawan L. Yarborough


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