Max with the look

Hello and welcome back to the kind and gentle world of the Dogpound.  We in the pack are noted for our courtesy and kindness toward each other, so it was rather unusual that I was getting the quick eye from some of the customers at the CVS store.  You know those looks.  The quick look but not too long so it turns into a stare.  These glances are usually reserved for events like when you have forgotten to zip your pant trousers, have mustard on your nose, or you are trailing toilet paper like a white boat sail.  I made a quick check for all of those particular issues and none were evident, so I was kind of puzzled until I happened to scratch my ear.  Now our plant requires hearing protection in some of the work areas, and for those individuals  [like me] who do not work in that area but have reason to be in the area for various reasons, we are offered temporary ear plugs.  They are made of a relatively soft moldable sponge plastic that you grab from a dispenser and stick in your ears.  Now these plugs come in very bright colors; generally a combination of neon colors like lemon yellow, cotton candy pink and/or gorgeous orange.   The added color really attracts attention...more so than just regular ear plugs.  Kind of adds a festive appeal, or on some levels a clownish look, which probably led to the non-intrusive but comical looks from my fellow customers.  Oh well, in hind sight…it is better than finding toilet paper trailing like a white shadow ghost out of your shorts.


“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.” – John D Rockefeller


Eileen’s two-year-old great-grandson was excited about having his birthday in a few days. When asked how old he would be, he always said he would be four and held up four fingers. His mother tried to explain that he would be three, that three came after two, but he wasn’t convinced. He told her that he had to be four because when he tried to hold up three fingers, the fourth came up, too.

At the end of the Sunday sermon the preacher reminded everyone that there would be a Sunday Social at 6 pm and the cost would be $6 per person, but if you are 65 or over the price will be $5. From the back of the church a female voice shouts, “Do you really think I would give that kind of information up for just $1?”

I need to go and check my ears and other things in the mirror.  As always be good, play safe, and remember to look but do not laugh.  

JR and Max


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