Happy no school/Father’s Day

Well, this week is really one to celebrate isn’t it? We have the most anticipated week of the entire school year (the last one) and Father’s Day on Sunday. Whatever are we going to do with so much fun? My two munchkins are eagerly anticipating days of leisure, languidly splashing in their little pool in the backyard, drowsy afternoons at the Enon library and sweet mornings at the playground. Oh, and let’s not forget, celebrating Dad on Sunday.

The boy wants to celebrate Father’s Day by allowing his father to take him to the movies to see Superman. He looked shocked when I suggested he actually open his wallet and pay for his Dad, since it was Father’s Day and all, “But I don’t have any money,” he says. “You sure do have a lot in your piggy bank, surely you could spare $20 for your dear old Dad,” I ask, only to be shot down quickly. “That money is for SAVING Mom, remember, ugh.” Yes, most of his sentences these days are followed by a sound of disgust, usually directed at me. I am truly the most moronic person on Earth, according to my darling boy. Not that he would ever actually say that, for he would not live to tell about it, he just barely gets away with expressing his disgust in grunts and other caveman style vocal expressions. I have to give him a little wiggle room to keep the peace and no, you have not mysteriously been sleeping for six years, he has yet to turn into a teenager, he just acts like one.

My precious flower on the other hand has been hard at work on her Father’s Day project and is just about to burst waiting to give it to Daddy on his special day. You would think it was his birthday she is so excited. But, that is the sweetness of a three year old; at least one of them still likes us.  She is so happy and sweet, when she is not whining. I swear, I really need to read back issues of the paper and remind myself of the boy when he was three. She was a perfect two year old (mostly) but all of a sudden the whining, my Lord! Sometimes I forget what her regular voice sounds like, so now I just tell her, “Mommy can’t hear you when you whine,” and that seems to work about 50 percent of the time so I go with it, better than nothing.

So, yes, Father’s Day and the last week of school; I will look jealously at Facebook and see all of my “Mom” friends beautiful crafts for the end of year teacher gifts and feel inadequate. Then try and scramble and throw something Pinterest worthy together that will awe the teachers and make them say, “Wow, that Mrs. Lashley is so creative!” Then I will fix a five-course meal for my husband, have my house sparkling and my children well behaved and…who am I kidding. We will manage to get through this last week of school and I WILL manage to get something put together for the teachers, we WILL celebrate the most wonderful man on Earth on Sunday and he is so wonderful that he needs no frills, just us crazies and we will gladly welcome summer vacation.  Happy Father’s Day to all the men out there and Happy NO SCHOOL!


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