Convenience center proposed at Iron Bridge and Jessup Roads

A convenience center that could serve the Collegiate School Aquatic Center travel teams and feed from the sports tourist trough is planned for the corner of Iron Bridge and Jessup Roads.

The complex consisting of a Raceway Convenience Store with 14 gas pumps; a bank; a retail strip, aimed at sports equipment; a hotel and Wendy’s Restaurant.

Currently called the Gilliam tract, the approximately 10-acre assemblage of parcels is bounded by Iron Bridge and Jessup roads with a Falling Creek feeder stream, which provides a buffer between residential property owners on Catterick Road.   

But the buffer wasn’t the big problem for those who attended a community meeting on February 26. Area residents were concerned about traffic, including traffic movements and the change of timing on the Jessup/Iron Bridge intersection.

During a community meeting held in February, one man said there is already a problem with traffic and that you can’t pull out of Rock Springs Road without waiting for traffic.
Other neighbors said the development could bring down their property values.

Virginia’s Department of Transportation (VDOT) commented on a description of the development asking about pedestrian and biking opportunities. VDOT also had comments related to the width and lanes entering and exiting Jessup Road.

VDOT requires Iron Bridge Road to be 495 feet centerline to centerline and Jessup Road 335 feet.

Andy Scherzer, a landscape architect and executive vice president for Balzer and Associates handling the case for the Gilliam property assemblage, told those at the community meeting that “The commercial center would function as a community service/retail area to serve the neighborhood and would also serve the sports tourism area immediately to the north.”

The development, he said would also ensure an attractive gateway into the Iron Bridge Road / Chippenham Parkway portion of the County.

Chesterfield’s Planning Commission will hear the case on June 18.


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