Police Blotter: October 7, 2009

OCTOBER RD 9/19 Garland Heights. Victim advised she found a large cut in the bottom portion of the screen on her screened-in porch. No entry had been made to the interior of the home.

PRECEDENT RD 9/19 Courthouse Green. Hubcap reported stolen from victim’s vehicle, which was parked in his driveway.

RIVER RD 9/19 Garage door pried open with the item removed.

ROCHELLE RD 9/19 Suspect entered the victim’s unlocked garage, damaging a bicycle in an attempt to take the chain.

SALEM CHURCH RD 9/19 Victims reported items stolen from the unlocked storage structures on their properties.

SHILOH DR 9/19 Chesswood. Unknown suspect/s unzipped a silver 1993 Jeep Wrangler and took the property. The vehicle was parked at the victim’s residence.

WILLIAMS ST 9/19 Front door to residence kicked in with the property removed.

WOODPECKER RD 9/19 Gray Massey Ferguson T020 farm tractor reported stolen.

CLIFFSIDE DR 9/20 Harbour East Village. Entry to residence gained by removing the air conditioning unit from a side window. Property removed.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 9/20 Rear North Carolina license plate reported stolen from a white 2004 Mitsubishi box truck.

SALEM CHURCH RD 9/20 Salem Church Middle School. Entry to a storage shed attempted by kicking the door and hitting the lock with a rock. Unable to enter there, suspects then gained entry to a mobile concession stand via a roof vent and removed the property. Investigation led to the identification of the suspects.

THIRD AVE 9/20 Unknown suspect/s attempted to steal a locked tan 2002 Mercedes-Benz. The property was reported stolen.

ABERDARE DR 9/21 Salem Woods. Property reported stolen from victim’s unlocked 1996 Ford Explorer.

BEULAH RD 9/21 Beulah Elementary School. Unknown suspect/s forced entry to three locked classroom trailers and removed property from inside of them.

COURTHOUSE RD 9/21 Electronic stop signs removed from school buses.

E HUNDRED RD 9/21 Westover Farms Trailer Court. Suspect/s gained entry to the residence through a bathroom window. Suspect/s rummaged through the interior, but did not appear to have taken anything.

IRON BRIDGE RD 9/21 Property reported stolen from victim’s unlocked vehicle.

LEISURE CT 9/21 The Park. Suspect gained entry to two unlocked vehicles in the area and removed property from inside.

MCHOWARD RD 9/21 Fuqua Farms. Suspect/s gained entry to the residence through a bedroom window that had been pried open. Property was stolen from inside.

PLANET RD 9/21 Regency Lake Apartments. Two unlocked vehicles were entered and the property was reported stolen.

RUFFIN MILL RD 9/21 Boulevard Flowers. Unknown suspect/s took the decals off of the license tags of the victim’s 1997 Ford dump truck.

STRATHMORE RD 9/21 Sherbourne Heights. Suspect/s entered the residence through an unlocked side window and removed property from three bedrooms inside.

WEIR RD 9/21 Verizon. Unknown suspect/s cut the fence at the rear of the lot, entered, and forced entry to work vans secured there. Property removed from the vans.

WESTWOOD ST 9/21 Glen Conner. Suspect/s possibly gained entry to the residence by entering an access panel in the carport that leads into the attic over top of the residence. Suspect/s then entered the interior of the residence, taking property from inside. An exterior shed was also entered, but nothing was taken from that location.

WHITEPINE RD 9/21 Chesterfield Industrial Park. Unknown suspect/s stole a trailer from the location.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 9/22 Franco Auto Sales. Owner of business responded to an alarm call and found the rear door unlocked but closed. A modem was found lying on the floor, with nothing else disturbed. No signs of forced entry to the rear door were noted. The next day, the owner discovered a vehicle and its only key missing.

KINGSTON AVE 9/22 Amerisuites Hotel. Witness observed the suspect remove property from the bed of the victim’s white 2007 Ford F150.

MARTINGALE RD 9/22 Colonial Ridge Apartments. Unknown suspect/s attempted to steal a locked tan 1996 Chevrolet Caprice. The glove box and truck were rummaged through. The vehicle was parked at the victim’s residence.

ALFALFA LN 9/23 Bellwood Maisonette Apartments. Property reported stolen from a maroon 2001 Mazda.

BENSLEY RD 9/23 Victim returned home to find his previously secured rear sliding glass window open, as well as a front window. Property had been removed.

CHESTER RD 9/23 Property reported stolen from a locked 1996 GMC.

GUNSIGHT LN 9/23 Huntingcreek Hills. Victim stated his unlocked vehicle was rummaged through; at this time, nothing was reported stolen. Vehicle was parked at the victim’s residence.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 9/23 Bermuda Estates Trailer Park. Known suspect used a hidden key to gain entry to the residence through the front door. The suspect removed clothing that belonged to her husband from inside.

LOCKBERRY RIDGE LP 9/23 Hollymeade. Property removed from residence. Entry gained via an unlocked front window.

LOYAL AVE 9/23 Laurel Branch Farms. Victim responded to the address, where he encountered the suspects. As one stood in front of the victim to take the pizza order, the second came up behind and placed an item in the victim’s back, which he took to be a gun. As the victim raised his hands up, the second suspect took items from the victim’s pants pocket. The suspects then took the pizza order from the victim and ran off.

MEADOWDALE BL 9/23 Regency Lake Apartments. 1998 Land Rover entered and the property was reported stolen. The vehicle was parked at the victim’s residence.

SOMMERVILLE CT 9/23 Wallet removed from office.

STATUTE ST 9/23 Courthouse Green. Victim returned home to find a pane had been pushed out of his side door and the screen removed from a rear window. No entry gained.

TIMBERCREEK CT 9/23 Ashton Woods South. Unlocked 1998 Nissan pickup entered and the property was reported stolen.

VAYO AVE 9/23 Grindall Creek Park. Victim returned home to find the rear kitchen window unlocked and the items missing. No damage was noted to the window.

YANTIS CT 9/23 Mineola Heights. Property removed from unlocked shed.

FIRETHORNE LN 9/24 Kingsland Acres. Unlocked 2006 Hyundai entered and the property was reported stolen. The vehicle was parked in the victim’s driveway.

LAVELLE RD 9/24 Jessup Place. Locked 1994 Chevrlet Caprice entered and the property was reported stolen. The vehicle was parked at the victim’s residence.

CENTRALIA RD 9/25 Chesterfield Meadows. Unknown suspect asked the victim about some product prices on the shelf while in the store. While the victim was distracted, unknown suspect removed cash from the victim’s wallet, which was in her purse in the shopping cart.

CHALKLEY RD 9/25 Black 2008 Dodge Charger reported stolen.

GREAT BRANCH DR 9/25 Dense Wood Hill. Property reported stolen from victim’s vehicle.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 9/25 Unlocked tan 1987 Toyota van reported stolen from business.

MEADOWDALE BL 9/25 Two vehicles were entered and the property was reported stolen.

QUAIFF LN 9/25 Suspects stabbed the victim during an altercation at the address.

BURNT OAK TR 9/26 Ivywalk Apartments. Unknown suspect/s removed the license plates off of a 1994 Nissan pickup truck while parked at the apartment complex.

CLIFFWOOD RD 9/26 Meadowbrook Manor. Year decal stickers reported stolen from the license plate of victim’s 1990 Honda Prelude.

CORVUS CT 9/26 Known suspect made threats to blow the school up. Further investigation led to the discovery that the juvenile suspect had no means to carry out that threat.

HALLOWAY AVE 9/26 Property removed from victim’s unsecured vehicle, which was left with the windows down.

HAMLIN TR 9/26 Hamlin Estates. Unlocked 2005 Chrysler entered and the property reported stolen. The vehicle was parked in front of the victim’s residence.


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