Chesterfield students recognized by BOS for writing

The Senior Advocate’s office sponsored an essay contest for fourth and fifth grade Chesterfield County students to acknowledge positive older adult role models, to celebrate intergenerational relationships and to demonstrate good writing skills.  During last week’s Board of Supervisor’s meeting, Ashley Nuckols, a fourth-grade student at Curtis Elementary was recognized as the grand prize winner of the contest. Her essay acknowledged her Granny as her inspiration.

Ethen Roberts, a fifth-grade student from Curtis was also recognized as his school’s winner, also writing about his grandmother and how she is his idol.  Along with Ashley and Ethen, the following students represented their schools as winners of the essay contest: Natalie Berry, A. M. Davis Elementary School;Grace Ferree, Bettie Weaver Elementary School; Afton Elisabeth Mueller, Bon Air Elementary School; Jonathan Golden, Clover Hill Elementary School; Nyla Jones, Ecoff Elementary School; Alexa Rose, Elizabeth Scott Elementary School; Kendall Schenck, Evergreen Elementary School; Talyah Rawls, Greenfield Elementary School; Talaiyah Dickerson, Jacob’s Road Elementary School; Christopher Chavez, Robious Elementary School. Over 200 essays were submitted.

Chesterfield County is a community that includes a growing population of citizens age 60 and older.  Along with the U.S. Administration on Aging designating May as a time to recognize older Americans, the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors during last week’s meeting publicly recognized May 2013 as “Older Americans Month” and urged every citizen to take time this month to recognize older adults and the people who serve and support them as powerful and vital citizens who greatly contribute to the community.

Following are the essays of Ashley Nuckols and Ethen Roberts.

My Granny – My Inspiration
By Ashley Nuckols

My Granny was born in Okinawa, Japan. She came from a poor family but they had strong beliefs in family which helped them through a lot of things, like the death of her father when she was 5 years old. When she was 11, she was adopted by an American couple and went through a lot of prejudices. Through her struggles she has become a strong person who I admire. She teaches others through her mistakes and experiences.

One of the reasons why I admire her is because she is a strong believer in God and teaches me and my brothers about Him. She has taught us that God blesses us even when we are bad because He loves us very much. I have learned that by having faith and being saved that one day I will go to Heaven. She tries to live her life as a Christian and leads me in the same directions.

Another reason why I admire my Granny is because she took care of my Grandpa when he was struggling with cancer. She gave him baths, fed him, and made sure he took his medicines. She never gave up on him or on her faith that God would heal him. When some people would have given up on him, she never would. The more he was in the hospital and the sicker he got, the stronger and more determined she became to help him through it, She is a strong person because even when he passed away she overcame her sadness.

I also admire her because she is always there for me. She is always willing to help me, whether it’s with homework, brushing my hair, or with advice. She takes care of me when I am sick or hurt. She always makes sure that I eat healthy and not too much. When I am sad she always tries to cheer me up. I could not imagine my life without her in it because she makes me feel so loved and I love her very much. Seeing how she lives her life, the lessons that she teachers and how she puts others before herself has inspired me to be a better person.

Senior’s Day America
By Ethen Roberts

My grandma will always be unique and special to me because she plays with kids even though she’s old. She sometimes can be an idol to me and my family. Since the first time she held me and everyday since then, she has observed me grow into a fine young man.

I think my grandma is beautiful.  She lights up the room when she steps through the door. I think of her like a pearl coming out of a clam.  She has charming cherry red hair and skin that looks like a raisin.  I sometimes play with it, but I really adore it.

The sweet love that comes from my grandma is unimaginable to most people. I will cherish special moments that we have had together, like hanging out at Maymont Park. I love it when she does the magic trick when she makes half of her finger disappear.

Because I tend to eat a lot sometimes, my grandma still has to work.  She is always the very first one that will correct me when I say something I don’t mean. I will always be her grandson and that will never change. That’s why I love her, care for her, and will stay by her side always.

I love you, Grandma.


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