Fire at Aleris Plant

Metal recycling plant fire

Fire crews were dispatched for a fire alarm activation at 1601 Reymet Rd, Aleris Rolled Products, Inc. on April 24 at 4:22 p.m. Maintenance personnel advised fire and police units that there was a fire between the fourth and fifth floors of the furnace tower building.

“The fire building is a large, non-combustible structure that encompasses metal reclamation processes.  The one story of the building melts down aluminum in huge vats, and a tower near the center houses a 16 burner, gas fed, five-story tall furnace.  The fire was reported to be at the top of the furnace,” said Lt. Jason Elmore of Chesterfield Fire and EMS.  

Smoke was visible intermittently from ventilation openings around the top floor of the tower. No fire was visible from the outside.  Maintenance supervisor advised that all employees were exited the building. A second alarm was dispatched due to the possibility of an extended operation. Working together with the plant personnel, Elmore explained, command identified areas of concern should the tower collapse.  Processes were shut down in the adjoining one story building.

“Fire and plant personnel were backed out of the area and took a more protected position on the west side of 1701 Reymet Road,” said Elmore.

At 6:19 a.m. on April 25, a fire engine from Centralia Fire Station was re-dispatched to 1601 Reymet Road  for report of the roof on fire.   Fire was discovered  in a wooden part around the base of the tower sheathing at the level of the flat roof. The fire was quickly extinguished. There were no injuries throughout the incident to firefighters or plant personnel. Crews that responded to the fires were:  6 Engine companies, 2 Truck Companies, 2 Medic units, our Mobile Command Center, 3 Battalion Chiefs, on scene initially. One engine company was on scene overnight to assist plant personnel.


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