‘Citizens against proffers tax’ is a front for developers

To the Editor:
In response to your column (“Proffer opponents hire Mad Men”) I must agree that the supposed horrible damage done to the Chesterfield economy by the proffer system is very overstated.

I can also clearly remember a few years ago when our local taxation system was creaking under the strain of the out-of-control development carried out by the same people who are now complaining about the burden of proffers.  I can remember the bitter election battles that swept away the worst abuses of the old system of real estate developers funding candidates who, post election, gave developers whatever they wanted.  “Citizens against proffer taxes” is what we call a “front.”  It’s a group of people who want to make more money by getting the taxpayers of Chesterfield to shoulder their “externalized costs”- school and road building.  If we are dumb enough to give them what they are requesting, they will get the elevator, and we will get the shaft.

Chris Wiegard