Business: Sups to discuss banner issue

During a public hearing on May 22 at 6:30 p.m. in the County Public Meeting Room at the Chesterfield Administration Building the Chesterfield Board of Supervisors receive input on a amending a ordinance pertaining to banner signs.

For some who have been annoyed by banners cluttering roadsides and businesses wanting consistent regulations, a new banner ordinance amendment will be discussed.

In addition to restructuring regulations from text to chart format, the proposed amendments would: require violations of the banner regulations to be corrected within 24 hours rather than 10 days and allow denial of a banner application for up to one year if the applicant has received two notices of violation within any 12 month period.

“Banners’ would be redefined as to only advertise a special promotion or activity; expand the permissible uses of banners; streamline the application process and allow businesses to display banners for 120 days per year instead of 60 days.

Banners would be allowed to be displayed for up to 60 consecutive days instead of thirty consecutive days. The revised ordinance would reduce the permissible size of freestanding banners from 50 square feet to thirty-two square feet and allow building to be mounted to buildings and to cover only 15 percent of the building face.

The amendment would modify the permitted locations, number and size of certain permitted banners.

A citizen committee was formed in 2011 to discuss changes and enforcement of the banner ordinance.


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