Consider the consequences before cutting the arts program

To the Editor:
In regards to cutting the Arts program in our county schools, I am begging those that make the decisions on what and where to cut to please consider the outcome of what they decide and what long term effects it will have.

I am a parent of a Thomas Dale Specialty Center student in music. He will be a senior next year and has done everything required of the program to fulfill graduation requirements. He had plans since starting high school of what he wanted to take for his senior year... Guess what? Several of those classes are now being cut.  This is having a definite negative impact on not only my son, but all Arts students. These kids take their academic course selections very seriously and are not just picking classes to fill their schedule slots.  

These teachers’ are teaching to those that love to learn.

To some children, taking music, band, orchestra, dance or art is their saving grace, what gets them through their day. To cut these programs from any school is heartbreaking.

Classes like English, Math Science, etc., of course are a very important part of a student’s academic career, yet, how can we overlook the necessity of creative outlets like the Arts? Just as some students need sports, or clubs, some students need these music programs.

Please Chesterfield County, do not let the last day of this school year be like Don McLean sang on his [album] “American Pie,” in the song “The Day Music Died!” (or the dancing stopped, or the paintbrushes dried up).

Keep the Arts in our school. They really do matter. Go check out your area schools as the end of the year programs are coming up. See the talent these students have.

Please help by letting your school board representative and county board member know you, too, want to keep having Chesterfield County School students “Reach For the Stars.”

Mary Dreyer