Enon Baptist Sends powerful message on good friday

A five-mile procession by members of Enon Baptist Church took turns carrying a seven-foot wooden cross enacted the “Way of the Cross” on Good Friday from the I-95 exit to their church on N. Enon Church Road.

The event recalls Jesus carrying his cross to Golgotha in Jerusalem, where he was crucified over 2,000 years ago by Roman soldiers. Christians believe that he then rose from the dead, an event that was celebrated on Easter, last Sunday.

“It was amazing,” said Pastor Michael Moore.  “We didn’t know what to expect. People stopped and took pictures and many were brought to tears.  They were glorifying God. It impacted people.” Moore said people posted many different pictures on Facebook from the walk.  “The most amazing thing that happened was when two guys jumped out of their car at CVS and literally just started walking with us.  The only thing they asked was if they could share the cross with us.  They each took their turn in carrying the cross.”     

The church also had a tomb where members re-enacted the burial of Jesus and kept watch over the tomb from Friday, 3 p.m. until Sunrise services on Sunday at 7 a.m.  Moore said many people also stopped and took pictures.

“It was an amazing weekend.”  To find out more about Enon Baptist Church, visit www.enonbaptistchurch.org.


Enon Baptist

Thank you for your love for the lost.GF

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