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Hello and welcome back to the healthy world of the Dogpound.  Many companies these days have “wellness” programs that encourage employees through various means to take care of themselves. Some offer free annual checkups, some offer contest to walk “x” miles, or lose a certain percentage of weight, to providing monthly magazines full of good healthy ideas. Now CVS has taken it just a step further…as part of their wellness program, they have asked all of their employees who use their provided health care insurance to have their doctor determine their height, weight, body fat, blood pressure and other health indicators.  Now usually this is the extent of the program…the employee and their doctor discuss the results and work together for a program to address any potential or real health issues. Now in CVS’s case they want their employees to give permission to the insurers to turn over that information to a firm that provides benefits support to CVS.  So what happens if you decide that you do not want to share your private information to a third party?  Well, in this case you will be penalized $600.  That is correct, workers who don’t take part in the “voluntary” [yes, that is the exact company’s words] program will have to pay an annual fine.  Go figure.  Now one more item of interest.  Under the new ObamaCare this practice could become more common.  The health care reform program allows employees to levy a higher penalty against workers who don’t participate in company wellness programs.  In some cases, workers could also have to pay more if they do not meet certain health targets like appropriate body mass index.  So I guess the new health catch phrase of the future will be, “Healthy time or pay the fine.  It’s not only good for you, it’s the law!”

“Nowadays folks know the price of everything and the value of nothing.”
– Oscar Wilde

An old man told his grandson, “You know, back in the old days you could go to the store with a dollar and get a loaf of bread, a dozen eggs and a tub of butter. You can’t do that today. There are too many surveillance cameras.”

That is it for today.  As always be good, play safe, and remember your health is important to you and your company.  

JR and Max


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