GA adjourns with some good news for Chesterfield, will reconvene on April 3 for special session

The Virginia General Assembly adjourned on February 23. During the February 27 Board of Supervisors meeting Mary Ann Curtin, Intergovernmental Relations Director, provided an update to the Board on recent activity at the General Assembly affecting Chesterfield.

Ms. Curtin said that the general assembly was dominated by the state budget and the comprehensive transportation bill. She also listed a number of items important to Chesterfield:

A fully elimination of a policy called the Aid to Locality Reversion Clearing Account. Localities were required to choose where to cut from a prescribed list of programs in their budget. If they did not cut the programs by the full amount requested by the state, the county could send the state a check to make up the difference.

The County was also able to get a health services bill that among other things, provides nurses in schools.

There will be more waivers for intellectually and developmentally disabled individuals.

Funds were put into early intervention part C as well as state aid for local libraries and for constitutional officers for their career development programs.

According to Curtin, the transportation bill, through a variety of taxes and fees amounts to about $880 million per year. But the state did not provide project allocations in the budget, and highway funding will go through the six-year improvement fund. For the county’s transportation department that leaves some funding and project questions unanswered. Any tolls on Interstate 95 south of Fredricksburg require approval of the General Assembly.

Members will reconvene on April 3 to discuss budget amendments.


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