Easter fun

It’s hard to believe that Easter is right around the corner, the weather can’t seem to make up it’s mind cold and dreary or warm and sunny (we all know which I prefer).  I love Easter; it’s my favorite time of the year, the warm sunny days, blooming flowers and the wonderful message of Hope. Between church services and Easter egg hunts we are on the move during the season.

I have been asked, “How do you teach your children the meaning of Easter and still let the Easter Bunny come for a visit?” The Easter Bunny always hops down our driveway and leaves yummy goodies and fun things like sidewalk chalk and bubbles, he knows just what the children enjoy doing on warm days. However, we also make sure that we discuss the meaning of Easter (in an age appropriate way of course). We have a wonderful little book titled “My Easter Basket” which gives meaning to each thing in an Easter basket. We also have a set of “Resurrection Eggs,” which are a carton of a dozen plastic Easter eggs, each holding a symbol of the story of Easter.  I love the resurrection eggs; they help tell the story to young children in a way that is not scary.

You can make your own resurrection eggs easily. You just need an egg carton and 12 plastic Easter eggs. Each egg has something in it representing the story of Easter, for example there are thorns to represent the crown of thorns, a tiny cross to represent the cross, a rock to represent the cave that Jesus was buried in and the last egg is left empty, representing the empty tomb.  You can easily Google “Resurrection eggs” and find the list on what items are needed to fill your eggs. It’s a fun and easy way to tell the story of Easter.

This year, Chester Baptist Church will be holding a community Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday March 30 from 10:30 am - 12 noon. All children (ages 3 through 3rd grade) who attend will receive their own set of resurrection eggs to take home. Please come join us in celebrating Easter with the children, all are welcome. Happy Easter Everyone.


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