Police remind drivers of truck prohibition on Ruffin Mill Road

Chesterfield County Police are reminding drivers that trucks weighing more than 20,000 pounds are prohibited on a section of Ruffin Mill Road. This section runs from the 1400 block of Ruffin Mill Road to the road’s intersection with Enon Church Road.

Tractor trailer drivers often attempt to use this section of Ruffin Mill Road and Enon Church Road to cut through from Interstate 95 to Interstate 295, or vice versa. This section of Ruffin Mill Road is narrow and winding, and includes a bridge with a weight limit of 20,000 pounds. Once tractor trailers start down this section of road, the only place to turn around is in a residential neighborhood, which creates traffic backups and the potential for crashes.

Police are urging tractor trailer drivers to avoid this section of Ruffin Mill Road.


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