Max is not into oatmeal

Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound. My breakfast routine during the week is pretty much the same every day; I have a nice bowl of instant oatmeal…generally one with cinnamon and/or maple flavoring. It is quick, warm on a cold winter day, and healthy. Now there are one or two glitches to this quick and easy breakfast, one being that it takes some skill to open the packet. I mean, if you do not tear the package far enough down the side it will not pour the contents properly into the bowl…then, even worse…if you over compensate the oatmeal mix will spill all over the counter top which is not a fun event when you are still half asleep. Even if I am successful with the opening process I still have to fuss with the amount of water to pour into the bowl. They tell you that it takes 2/3 of a cup of water, but I have found out that if you are a bit shy on the amount of water the oatmeal will not mix properly and will come out of the microwave rather thick and chewy. Again if you over-compensate a bit, the mixture comes out all watery with no texture at all. So by experimentation…using a measuring cup…I have found that if put in a tad more than 2/3 cup of water I will be rewarded with just the right consistency. This helps me sympathize with the problems Goldilocks had with the Three Bear’s porridge. So anyway this week I came up with one other glitch…well, it was kind of a glitch. I put my brew into the microwave and set the timer for one minute and thirty seconds. While my oatmeal was cooking I decided to make good use of my wait time by putting away the dishes that were in the dish washer. As I was putting the dishes away the rich smell of cinnamon started to fill the air, which was quickly overshadowed by the smell of something burning. I quickly toured the kitchen trying to find an appliance or something that was plugged in that might be in danger of overheating. Nothing seemed amiss until I opened my microwave and was greeted with a great cloud of smoke. My poor oatmeal had burned…a big black smoldering blob of oatmeal the size of a quarter was sitting on top of what was going to be my breakfast. I know you are thinking I put in too much time on the microwave timer; I really wish it was that, since it sounds a heck of a lot better than having to tell everyone that I forgot to add water to the oatmeal mix. I guess I was so focused on tearing open the oatmeal bag without making a mess that I somehow forgot to get the measuring cup out of the cupboard. I have to tell you that the smell of burnt oatmeal is not a good way to start your morning…trust me.

That is a wrap. As always be good, play safe and remember a good breakfast is a great way to start your day as long as you do not burn it to a crisp.

JR and Max


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