Matoaca’s Rundlett speaks his way to championship

After finishing third in the VHSL District Forensics competition, Matoaca High Student, Nicholas Rundlett, pulled out all of the stops to take first place in the Impromptu Speaking event at the recent VHSL Regional Championships.  The Regional meet is obviously more competitive and Nick faced more competitors on the Regional level. He utilized his skill and experience from the District level to his advantage and performed with great poise and confidence in the Regional competition. 

In Impromptu Speaking, contestants are shown three topics and must choose one to speak on. Contestants have seven minutes from the time they choose their topic. They are given a 4x6 index card to use for notes if they wish, and can use their time however they like. For instance, Nick usually takes three minutes to make notes on his card and speaks for the remaining four minutes. Contestants present their speech for two to three judges in each round of competition. The topics change every round. Topics might include Pop Culture, current events, and quotations. Nick chose to speak about Gun Control in Round 1 and chose from three quotes in Round 2 of Regionals. Contestants are judged on organization of their speech, clarity of thought, relevance to topic, vocal quality, body control, professionalism, and confidence.

Rundlett has always shown an interest in public speaking and learned of the Forensics competitions from his teacher and coach Jana Farrell. When ask what it takes to be a competitor in the Impromptu Speaking event Rundlett replied “practice makes perfect and confidence plays an important part in the actual competition.” Nick said the competition is really lots of fun, a great challenge. He hopes someday to be a successful voice actor.

The State Championship takes place March 23 at Harrisonburg High School. Rest assured Nick will be among the top contenders for the state title.


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