Speed limit on West Hundred Road reduced to 35 mph

In preparation for a request to add bicycle lanes to West Hundred Road, VDOT made a preliminary adjustment to the speed limit between Curtis/Osborne roads and Jefferson Davis Highway.

According to Dawn Eischen, VDOT communications manager, the department of transportation in September 2012, conducted a speed limit study, of just over a mile, between the two major intersections.

During the study, the existing speed limit was 45 mph on this section. Areas to the east and west of this section were (and still are) posted at 35 mph.

“The study was conducted as the result of an internal request to reduce lane widths and add bicycle lanes in conjunction with an impending pavement resurfacing project,” Ms. Eischen wrote in an email. “Preliminary findings showed high crash rates. Speed samples of this section showed a reduction in the speed limit was feasible.”

According to statistics provided by VDOT, this section of West Hundred Road carries approximately 32,000 vehicles per day. Between January 1, 2008 and December 31, 2010, there were 84 crashes on this section. Of those crashes, 39 were injuries and two were fatalities. The majority of the crashes were rear-end collisions.

Statistics indicate this section of West Hundred Road has an overall crash rate and injury rate approximately 2.5 times higher than the statewide average for urban principal arterial roads, as well as a significantly higher fatality rate, according to Eischen.



I wish the police would monitor drivers in the morning, especially when the high schoolers are heading to school! The drivers seemed to not care that the speed limit has been changed and they will still drive 45-50 mph!

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