Water bills could increase again

The Chesterfield County Utility Department is asking the Board of Supervisors (BOS) to grant its request to increase what the department charges for water. As part of the BOS March 20 meeting during the evening session at 6:30 p.m., the public will be able to speak to the increase.

The increase includes a customer cost charge of $2.44 for each service account. However, customers who have only a water account or a wastewater account shall pay a customer cost charge of $4.88.

Increases for water are proposed to be $1.47 per 100 cubic feet (Ccf), which adds $.05 to the current cost.

Wastewater charges (based on water usage) will increase by $.16 to $1.78 per Ccf.

A single-family, including townhouses and mobile homes that are not located in a mobile home park will also see their capacity cost charge increase from $5.76 to $6.32.

The increase will be a monthly charge although your bill may not be issued monthly. According to the utility department, the request for the increases will take effect on July 1, this year. In 2012, utility charges also increased $4.28 bi-monthly for the average family.


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